About Us

XUJI was founded in 2017 with just a few chest binders and a simple mission: to provide quality chest binders that allow people to breathe and move freely.

We are motivated by a responsibility to optimize every product we produce because we want customers to feel the thrill of surprise at our innovation and quality.

Our Chest Binder is designed for mastectomy, transgender, FTM, tomboys, Ts, or stage performer persons. New and upgraded chest binder.

Anyone who wants to look flat, feel comfortable, able to move and breathe, this is for you !

Why Choose Our Chest Binder?

We have many different types of Chest Binder for you to choose from. The different binders are based on the customer's usage and we have upgraded them in terms of material and appearance. Different fabrics give you a different experience.
1. Imported medical grade fabric without bandages, breathable and light, better abrasion resistance, delicate and soft, with better breathability and stretch resistance.

2.Imported bamboo viscose fiber fabric, silky soft and skin-friendly. With superb breathability, comfort and elasticity.

3.Imported yoga cotton, we have upgraded from the material and size, the size is more suitable for the body.

4.Imported laminated fabric without bandages, composite fabric breathable and lightweight, better abrasion resistance, delicate and soft, better breathability and stretchability.

There are four QC steps before leave factory.

1. 100% Raw materials incoming test
2. Semi-finished product test
3. finished product test
4. Packaging inspection. All those steps make sure a quality chest binder come to your !